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  • Used to maintain molar space
  • Can be used on the first molar and the second molar


The steps involved in the fabrication and placement of the band a loop space maintainer are:
  • Band selection and placement
  • Impression
  • Model fabrication and lab work
  • Cementation
Appliance Removal
The impending eruption of the permanent tooth for which the space is being maintained is an indication for appliance removal. Impending eruption may be determined using clinical and/or radiographic evidence whereby the occlusal surface of the succedaneous tooth is shown to have reached the alveolar crest. Once the desired eruption of the succedaneous tooth is achieved, the band and loop space maintainer can be removed using the band removing pliers.

Molar Space Maintainer

$28.99 Regular Price
$18.99Sale Price
  • 4/pk for each size including #17,#27,#37,#47

    40/pk for sorted sized from size #32-41

  • Click Here to download band specifications

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