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  • Lower jaw with attached and removable gingiva for implant drilling practice;
  • Wider bone width allows you to do basic implant techniques;
  • Replaceable implant socket feature allows you to practice repeatedly (One spare implant bone mold is included, more implant bone molds are sold separately);
  • The base is made of resin and the implant practice mold is made of bone-like material;
  • Opposing upper jaw enables you to consider drilling and implant insertion direction and angle in relationship to the opposing dentition;
  • Procedures up to the final restoration are possible;
  • Economical for implant practice repeatedly by replacing only bone molds.

Full Implant Practice Model (Replaceable)

SKU: M200201
$99.98 Regular Price
$59.99Sale Price
    • N.W. 9oz;
    • Size.2.5'' * 2.9'' * 2.3''
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