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Diameter L 6mmL 8mmL 10mm
1.2mm 5SA-12065SA-12085SA-1210
1.4mm 5SA-14065SA-14085SA-1410
1.6mm 5SA-16065SA-16085SA-1610
1.8mm 5SA-18065SA-18085SA-1810
2.0mm 5SA-20065SA-20085SA-2010


Diameter L 6mmL 8mmL 10mm
1.2mm 5SSA-12065SSA-12085SSA-1210
1.4mm 5SSA-14065SSA-14085SSA-1410
1.6mm 5SSA-16065SSA-16085SSA-1610
1.8mm 5SSA-18065SSA-18085SSA-1810
2.0mm 5SSA-20065SSA-20085SSA-2010



Mini Screw

$37.99 Regular Price
$27.99Sale Price
    • Round head to reduce patient's discomfort
    • Self drilling and tapping for easy operation
    • Available in Titanium and Stainless Steel
    • Standard head and Crosshead (crosshead needs to be pre-ordered)
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