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  • Easy to hook on orthodontic accessories.
  • Offers the same shape memory benefits of superelastic Ni-Ti springs, with the added benefit of reduced inventories. 
  • Designed for applying the precise force required for every situation. As these springs are extended (close wound), forces are gradually increased, allowing a specific force to be generated at a given amount of extension.
  • Assorted sizes for easy choice and management. Just order to refill when you use out.

NiTi Eyelet Closed Spring Assorted Kit

$64.99 Regular Price
$39.99Sale Price
    • 10 pcs / size
    • 60 Kit includes 1 of each size (.010-6mm, .010-9mm, 010-12mm, 012-6mm, .012-9mm, 012-12mm), total 60 pcs
    • 100 Kit includes 1 of each size (.010-3mm,.010-6mm, .010-9mm, 010-12mm, 010-15mm, .012-3mm ,012-6mm, .012-9mm, 012-12mm, 012-15mm), total 100 pcs
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