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The Nola Dry Field System completely eliminates saliva and fully exposes both arches making it ideal for all bonding applications. The system is easy to assemble and be inserted and used by a single operator. The entire system is completely autoclavable making clean-up easy.

  • Full Arch Access for Bonding
  • Adjustable to Arch Length
  • Maximum Patient Comfort
  • Excellent Soft Tissue Retraction
  • Fully Autoclavable
  • Reduces Bond Failure
  • Prevents Treatment Delays
  • Cold Sterilizable
  • Heat sterilization may cause hazing
  • Not recommended for Dentronix



  • 1x cheek retractor
  • 1x flexible connector
  • 1x tongue guard
  • 2x bilateral suction tubes
  • 1x central suction “Y” connector with low-volume adapter

Nola Dry Field Systems

$49.99 Regular Price
$47.99Sale Price
  • 1/pk

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